A Note On Hope

This is a note on hope. Because hope is bloody important. And like that unexpected streak of sunshine across your face on a damp February day, a glint of it feels bloody great too. A year ago I’d been signed off […]

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Living with Chronic Illness

Bikram and Spin, side veg instead of fries; oh cooey, that was me (well, mostly me. Thin crust pizza? Shepherds pie? Move aside ladies). Yes, it’s been 11 months since I learnt that ME, a debilitating chronic illness, can strike […]


Christmas Day Dress-code

The halls are decked, the doves are doving and the drummers are sipping Aldi sparkling wine (apparently little difference between that and real bubbly. Just another pearl of daytime TV wisdom for you there. Thanks Phil. Thanks Holly). But there […]

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Keen to impress? Me too.

I’ve probably done it all my life. At 11 years old, I put absurd effort into a P.E project on Apples (the fruit). With previous sport report reading something along the lines of “Elizabeth is a key member of the […]

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Back to School

On Friday morning I went back to school. Exciting for 2 reasons. 1) I drove myself the 15 minutes there and back, down this winding road (I also parked which, regardless of health, was a triumph) 2) I didn’t have […]