Empowering Women, with Lorna Jane UK

After a bloody brilliant spin sesh (I write from the perspective of un-sweaty onlooker), which raised tons of cash for AYME, it’s time for another fundraiser.

Together with Chain Reaction pal, Rach Harrison, author and holistic practitioner, Robyn Silverton and Lorna Jane UK, on Thursday morning we’ll be hosting Empowering Women.

Robyn will be leading the panel of wise wellness ladies, divulging tips, insight and experience on prioritising wellbeing, stepping out of comfort zones and redefining success. Ultimately, we want you to leave feeling inspired, uplifted and really, truly great. There will be some delicious snacking and treats to be had too.

So if you haven’t bought your ticket you can do so right. this. moment. Panelists include:

  • Brogan Driscoll (Senior Lifestyle Editor at The Huffington Post UK)
  • Jessica Kruger (Founder of vegetarian restaurant & concept Ethos)
  • Lauren Armes (Founder of Welltodo London)
  • Poppy Cross (Health & Fitness Journalist).

All proceeds will be donated towards the Association of Young People with ME. The morning takes place in Lorna Jane’s brand new store Active Living Room (Lorna Jane Store – 6 Slingsby Place St. Martin´s Courtyard Covent Garden, WC2E 9AB) and will run 9.30 – 11.00, with short 12 minute walk included for those who wish to join.

** If you have found this through Future Living, please pop an email to lizzie@beyond110.co.uk **


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