Empowering Women, with Lorna Jane UK

After a bloody brilliant spin sesh (I write from the perspective of un-sweaty onlooker), which raised tons of cash for AYME, it’s time for another fundraiser. Together with Chain Reaction pal, Rach Harrison, author and holistic practitioner, Robyn Silverton and Lorna […]


To Media Madness

Ok, so, I totally planned to say shtum on this because, well, energy should be spent wisely. On like brushing teeth and coconut oiling my shins. In fact pairing socks, waiting for the kettle to boil, watching paint dry all preferable […]


Chilli Salmon & Quinoa Salad

Lots of people have asked for the recipe for this dish. Which makes me feel like quite the cheffy chef. Which I’m not by any means. Welcome to the stage Mother Horgan. Inspired by her nutritional therapist best pal, and […]

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Lifebox & Brazil Nut Pesto

There is nothing like being sent a parcel. The nice kind that is especially wrapped, just for you. (78% of my Asos purchases are for this reason). Secondly, when you’re feeling rubbish or gross, a box of chocs is always […]