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Lizzie Horgan, Author Beyond 110

25 years old and enjoying life at 110mph. I rushed everywhere. But oh man, did I love it!

And so did my friends too; all of us with so much to do. Careers, commutes, flat shares, family, gym memberships, travel plans. Adventures ahead. Rush, rush, rush.

Until an unexpected onset of ME/CFS hit me out of the blue, and derailed my everyday life as I knew it.

And then I got a bit fed up with being told about my new limited lifestyle. So Beyond110 was born.

I’m sharing my journey and all that I’m learning, as I discover life beyond living it at the old 110mph. I’m no expert, but my aim is to help brighten someone else’s day. And to get ME recognised as a hot health topic.

If you’d like to get in contact, then please do send me a few (preferably nice) words at lizzie@beyond110.co.uk.

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  1. Hi it’s been lovely reading about you I’m an fitness instructor and work with your lovely Nan Carol she has told me all about you, all I can say is I wish you all the very best , keep positive have you looked into Eft emotional freedom Techeque if you go onto UTube and type in EFT it will come up very interesting and it has helped me over the years. Take care and always Feel the Love Deanne xxx

    1. Hi Deanne. Thanks so much for reading and commenting too. Nanny Carol is lovely isn’t she!! I will most definitely have a look into EFT. Open to anything that may help! I really appreciate you taking the time to get in contact. Maybe some time in the future we’ll meet! Lizzie xx

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