A Few (10) of my Favourite Things.

Because so often with Sunday comes the Sunday blues*, here are a few (10) of my favourite things this week.

1. Jasper. Jasper is my Dad’s only son and most likely favourite child. He reaffirms this by telling him “you’re a wonderful bloke, do you know that?” three times a day.

(Jasper is also dog. Excellent company on short or even shorter walks.)IMG_2608

2. This sweet and funny podcast about a first date that ends in A&E.

3. Texts. Never underestimate the power of a ‘Morning!’ or ‘Sleep well’ text from a pal. Send one and seriously, I bet it brightens their day. It might just arrive at the exact moment that they’d like to hear it.

4. Sport Relief Bake Off. Or to be more specific, Will Young on Sport Relief Bake Off. Because I’ve been in love with Will since I was 11 and still my love grows. (his inability to bake a pie does nothing to deter me)

5. Full body massage. These used to make me feel rubbish, but last week’s aches landed me on this lovely lady’s doorstep. Night of near unbroken sleep followed. Oh my.

6. This song. PLAY IT. An instant mood lifter, the best ever to listen to first thing. Proven to brighten any morning.

7. Getting organised. Time had come to ditch the PJs that I’ve spent way to much time in. Off they went with the recycling. And who knew it, I had clothes in my wardrobe all along.

8. Delish Layered Houmous recipeIt’s so easy, looks quite fancy and tastes way better than shop bought. (Made the tortillas with wholemeal wraps.)

9. A blooming lovely bunch of flowers. It was my birthday last week, and my old housemates sent me this beauty of a bouquet. What is it about flowers that always make them the sweetest surprise?

10. Empowering Women. Brightening your day with a panel featuring Brogan Driscroll & Jessica Kruger of Ethos London among inspiring others, buy your ticket for the speaker event that I’ve teamed up with Lorna Jane on. (All proceeds donated to charity too).

*Regardless of whether you’re actually off to work tomorrow, strangely Sunday Blues do still exist. I think they may be inbuilt, like some sort of school time hangover. (Unless you’re jetting off to some fabulous location in the Maldives come Monday. In which case, go pack.)


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