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10 Ways to Brighten a Dull Day

Yes, it’s true. Some days are slower than the norm.

So if you find yourself all caught up on the Kardashians and you’ve opened the fridge door more times than is healthy, then this is just for you…

The Great British Bake Off. Not exactly groundbreaking, but trust me. Make yourself a tea, settle down and feel like you’re being given a great big hug. Also – Mary Berry. What a little slice of heaven she is.

2. Podcasts
If you haven’t discovered the world of podcasts, well, just stop right here. A personal fav of mine (less happy, more WHY did I not answer my true calling as a detective); Serial. Listen or download for free and say au revoir to sneaking boredom.

3. Baths
When did we stop having baths? Now is your chance to swap speedy shower convenience for floating about like a serene bathing beauty. Add magnesium salts to aid aching limbs and feel really divine.

4. Adult colouring
Ok so I haven’t tried this, but I have heard GREAT things. From those in the know; hours can pass, whilst giving your brain a break. Turn your mind from running at 100 miles an hour, to focusing on staying in the lines.

5. Teach yourself something
I once had high hopes of becoming fluent in 15 languages. When that was short lived, I took to watching Scenes of Reason. Essentially the news and a million other tricky issues (think the differences between South and North Korea explained, or the emergency Budget decoded), broken down into cool, quick and simple chunks.

6. Write
Sure, if you’re Gillian Flynn, please do go ahead and write me a sequel to Gone Girl. If not, pop a few words on a postcard and brighten someone’s daily post shuffle (you know the one I mean).

7. Cook
Genuine therapy. Make some food, take a picture and post it on Instagram for all the “why take photos of your food??” people to see. Then look back at it as proof of your accomplishment for the day.

8. Make a list
Very aware this sounds like I’ve totally lost my marbles. But making a list of the things you’re grateful for boosts serotonin, affecting your brain at a biological level and creating a ‘spiral of happiness’. Don’t trust me? Alex Korb (a neuroscience researcher, says so)

9. Yoga
Yoga can literally mean shifting your focus, whilst lying on your bed. How ideal. Savasana encourages deep relaxation, allowing you to connect with your peaceful, innermost self. Can result in feeling more energised, calm and clearheaded.

10. Read something inspiring
“Do not look at the Internet” was one of my first official GP warnings. Sure there are way too many horror stories and unpleasant forums. But to lift your mood check out Huffington Post’s Insprirational Stories and Lorna Jane’s Move, Nourish, Believe, for inspiring perusing.

(I totally know that for some, only in their wildest dreams could they whip up a little something in the kitchen or effortlessly hop into a bath. But hopefully there is something here for everyone)


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