10 Misconceptions about ME

10 common misconceptions about ME/CFS

1. Nope. It’s not just feeling tired all of the time
Imagine your worst hangover. Now drink 10 more bottles of vodka*

2. You must sleep loads
Oh hell no. Sleep disturbance is a typical symptom. I’m like a night owl. Call me anytime of the night & I’ll likely be awake (seriously – go ahead. There’s only so much Deep-Sleep-Self-Hypnosis-Meditation music one woman can take).

3. That maybe you’re just a little bit lazy?
Don’t even get me started on this one. There’s lazy and there’s congratulating yourself that you managed to bend down and pick a sock up off the floor.

4. That an energy drink will help
Red Bull is probably never the sensible answer to anything. Least likely the miracle cure for a chronic disabling condition (in fact your typical “energy” drink is likely to do the opposite. But that’s for another time)

5. ME only effects adults
As many as 25,000 children and young people have ME/CFS. That’s one in every secondary school in the UK. Even more reason to know more about it.

6. You stay in bed all day
Symptoms can fluctuate. There may be days that someone with ME can head out, enjoy some sunshine, throw a Frisbee. Whatever. There may be others – some more than others, or some very few – when they physically couldn’t move out of bed if Bradley Cooper was offering an evening of fine dining. Regardless of why, it can happen.

7. That you look unwell
I took a trip to Spain a couple of months back. On the return flight I boarded with a delightful tan, the picture of health. 3 hours later & I was essentially lifted out of the plane upon landing by forklift truck. Helllloooo Luton Airport. Looks are deceiving.

8. “It’s all in the mind” (as stage whispered by an elderly relative)
ME is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a neurological condition. And trust me, it’s not all about willpower either. I once had roots 5 inches long. An emergency hair appointment was booked. But could I get those legs to move?

9. That you’d rather not know about the fun your friends are having
Yes, I may well be filled with envy & an overwhelming longing to pour a bottle of Fake Bake all over myself in order to celebrate your new job/lover/pet/house. But one thing worse than finding out over Facebook that you’re buddy has moved to Florida with Flavio to work as a dolphin trainer, is not knowing at all.

10. That I don’t want to hear about your rubbish day
With a change in perspective a train delay may not seem the biggest deal, but every single thing & feeling is relative. And I’m still your friend. Duh.

* Please don’t do that. List of various symptoms right here

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  1. Thank you, your 10 points are so concise and yes everyone is the same for me, it is nice that you are handling your illness this way, I am having a bad day but your blog is giving me promise. Thank you x

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